Our learning algorithm predicts future glucose values up to 1 hour in advance with less than 10 glucose units as error.

Personalized plans

We measure important parameters to adapt the therapy for each patient and each moment recommending meals, insulin doses and exercise.

User friendly

Our chat-bot interface can talk through voice or written questions and answers, easing treatment adherence.


Take the challenge, earn medals, convert points on rewards and enjoy while you learn about diabetes.

Fully integrated

You can connect CGM´s and wearable devices in order to automate data acquisition.

Full support. Every day.

Any questions? Requests? Ideas? We'd love to hear from you. You're stuck? Just drop us a line. We'll reply as soon as possible.

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Predictive modules will help you make decisions knowing potential risks in advance

You will no longer feel uncertain thanks to the algorithm´s prediction. How will I be in one hour? Do I have to take some snack with me just in case? Those are just some of the questions that will never worry you again.

With the What if? functionality, you can ask how good or bad will be certain actions for you: Can I drink a soda in 30 minutes? What happens if I go for a 1 hour hike in 15 minutes? The App will show your predicted glucose levels based on your questions.

Monthly personalized meal and activity plans specially designed for you

The App learns from your routine and automatically settles the recipes and physical activities that best suit you in order to keep healthy. It will recommend them at your predefined times, but you can also ask for them whenever you want.

You can create your own recipes, save favorites and tell whenever you are eating something in a simple way, so the algorithm can learn from your ups and downs. If you connect wearables and glucometers it will become even more clever and fast.

Smart-Patch automatic and needle-free

In MedicSen we like challenges, and we thought, an App that learns from you is a great help, but one of the biggest problems in diabetes stills present… needles. So part of our team works non-stop to create the first portable needle-free syringe: the smartpatch.

The device will work automatically guided by the algorithm or manually activated by the user. It will be easily recharged with current insulin presentations, it is small (4cmx6cmx1cm) and modular to allow adaptation to different daily insulin doses.

We have been working a long time in this innovative technology and right now we are preparing laboratory tests that will allow to start the regulatory process and human safety trials. We will keep updating information about the progress so no one misses anything.


Future levels prediction

Personal meal and activity planning

Insulin doses recommendation

Daily, weekly and monthly summaries

Multiple device integration

Gamification and

lifestyle coach


PDF summaries or online dashboard


Possible chat-bot interaction

Increased treatment adherence and

improved patient knowledge:

Less time needed for explanations

and better outcomes.


We designed the system

to make your life easier,

so please let us know

if we can improve anything.

We also have a form that helps us

learn about diabetes problems,

if you want to further explain.

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concerned about your healthcare

José Carlos Montesinos Telecom Engineer, CTO

César de Mercado Telecom Engineer, COO

Eduardo W. Jorgensen Bachelor in Medicine, CEO

Patricia Cremades Bachelor in Medicine, CSO

Iván López Business analyst

Carlos Jorgensen Health Biology, CIO

Pedro GuiralMaterials engineering

Rafael Danilo Scientific Consultant/Experimentation responsible

Miguel Ángel Soberón Physical activity and nutrition

Javier Semprún Business advisor

Antonio Reche Master's degree in Physics and Mathematics, CAO

Alejandro S. Varela Head of software development

Javier San Juan Lifestyle and new functionalities Manager

Jose Vicente Angulo App Developer

Julia Imo Biomedical Scientist, Business Analyst, Head of Business Development

Enrique Mayo Romero App Developer

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